Finding the Right Coach for You

What Type of Coach Should I Work With?

The Find a Coach directory allows individuals to search for three specific types of coaches, along with certain specialties, to further identify and match you with the right coach.

Personal Coaching: Personal coaching is a unique and powerful form of human interaction where the agreed purpose of the interaction is the development of one individual, the coachee. The coach is focused on relating with and developing the coachee while taking positive steps toward realizing the coachee's vision.

Ideal for people who are interested in hiring a coach for: 

  • Quality of Life
  • Health and Wellness
  • Personal Foundation
  • Relationships
  • Mental Wellness
  • Creativity
  • Enhancing Relationships
  • Spiritual Centeredness

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Business Coaching: In business coaching, we are referring to the small business with few employees or offices. In this environment, the needs of the business often drive the priority of the coaching. The primary beneficiary of the coaching is the business, although the individual benefits within the context of how his or her development impacts the success of the business. The coaching success is often measured by increased performance and contribution.

Ideal for business owners or entrepreneurs who are interested in hiring a coach for:

  • Work/Life Balance
  • Time Management
  • Career Transitions
  • Vision/Mission
  • Marketing
  • Sales Performance
  • Work Productivity

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Corporate Coaching /Organizational Coaching: Corporate coaching is focused on larger organizations where there can be a matrix of relationships to consider. The ultimate benefactor is the corporation, which gains an increased competitive advantage because of the realized potential of the individuals. The individual may also benefit, but often times the value gained from the coaching relationship is directly related to the corporate initiative.

Ideal for CEO’s, Executives & Managers s who are interested in hiring a coach for:

  • Create internal coaching culture
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Corporate Systems
  • Profitability
  • Training/Development
  • Employee Issues

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