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Create "Soul"utions for Success! Coaching and Guiding you to Powerful, Prosperous and Passionate Living... Effortlessly!

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Position Owner/Founder - Prosperity Coach | Intuitive Strategist | Spiritual Life, Passion & Purpose Guide | Consciousness Catalyst | New Perspective Agent | Ascension Sherpa
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Boston, MA

Coach Details

  • Vision, Self-Care, Self-Confidence, Goal Setting, Lifestyle Design, Spiritual, Personal Finances, Life Coaching, Creativity, Career Transition
  • Year Established
  • 1998
  • Coach U Status
  • Coach Training Program Graduate (CTP)
  • ICF Certification
  • None
  • Background/Education
  • Overview - Experience: Over 18 years Coaching, Speaking and Guiding for thousands of hours with hundreds of clients in areas such as:
    - Life and Career Balance and Authentic Fulfillment
    - Business Building, Launching, Growth/Expansion
    - Small Business Ownership and Entrepreneurialism
    - Company Leadership, Management and Team Building
    - Career Transition/Change
    - Coach/New Coach Mentoring and Guiding/Practice Building
    - Retail, Sales and Marketing, Consulting
    - Performing Arts/Creative Expression
    - Public Speaking and Facilitation
    - Workshop Creation and Implementation
    - Effective Communication and Listening for positive outcomes
    - Highly Skilled, Intuitive, Heart-based Decision Making
    - Personal and Professional/Business Effectiveness
    - Personal and Professional Satisfaction and Success
    - Life and Career Transition - Navigating the shifts in transition
    - Lifestyle and Quality of Life Design
    - Self ­Confidence, Self Care/Self-Fulfillment and Self Love
    - Common-Unity Practices - how to really make a difference in the World without it taking a toll
    - Risk Taking and Now Moment-based/Heart-Guided/informed Living and Being
    - Passion Pursuit and Soul Awakening
    - Spiritual Awareness/Deepening and Development
    - Effortless Abundance and Attraction/Manifestation/Creation
    - Well­-Being and general life in a "new normal," a.k.a. Ascension Guidance -­ assistance in integrating lower vibrating energies, ego and ways of living and being that no longer fit or serve your highest Soul's purpose, helping you sustain a higher state of awareness and an expanded consciousness as you move into and learn to live in a new world/Multi-Dimensional space as a Higher Human Divine Being.

    Education: B.A. - Dartmouth College (Summa Cum Laude), Coach University

    Training and Certifications:
    - Prosperity Partnership
    - Certified Print® Coach
    - Level II Reiki / Reiki Jin Kei Do
    - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    - Effective Communication and Listening
    - Ongoing student and practitioner of a variety of other forms of energy and frequency healing/Wholeness, heart retrieval and soul re-membering modalities

    Extensive and ongoing coursework and training:
    - Intuition/Intuitive Guidance
    - New relationship and communication skills for navigating an evolving world
    - New Commerce
    - Energy/Vibrational Integration and Release
    - Prosperity Attainment via New Laws of Attraction Principles
    - Leadership Training and Development
    - Website Creation and Transformation

    Expertise in:
    - Belief and Reality Shifting/Empowerment
    - Prosperity Enhancement via Money
    - Relationship Awareness
    - Goal/Dream Attainment via Laws of Attraction Principles
    - Soul's Purpose discovery/evelation and pursuit/creation
    - Effective Leadership/New Leadership Principles and Confidence Building
    - Productive Communication and Listening
    - Life/Career (Soul Expression) Design, Balance, Creation, Transition
    - Effortless Success and Fulfillment Practices
    - Personal/Professional Effectiveness
    - Perfect Work Identification, Creation and Attainment
    - Entrepreneurial Business Design and Building
    - Energy Healing, Reiki, EFT (Tapping)
    - Self Awareness and Self Care
    - Spiritual Growth & Intuitive Guidance
    - Personal and Spiritual Awakening/Soul Awakening and Expansion
    - Soul Ascension/New Vibration Shift
    - Emotional Expression and Integration/Release
    - Authentic Self/Life Illumination and Creation
    - Heart-Guided and Centered Living, Being and Working
    - Soul Healing via Grief work

    - Identifying, Pursuing and Attaining Your True Passion/Heart's Desire/"Dream" Job/Career/Life plan
    - Soul Purpose Discovery and Embodiment
    - Authentic Self Discovery and Expression- aka Living Your Truth
    - Defining, Attracting/Enhancing and Creating real Prosperity and Abudance
    - Effortless Living, Being and Success Practices
    - Now Moment/Present-based Existence Practices - Learning to live in the here and now, from the Heart
    - New Laws of Attraction Understanding and Mastery - Shifting Your 'Money Mindset'
    - Life and Career Transition
    - Personal and Spiritual Awakening
    - Eliminating Limiting Beliefs, hindering Thoughts and low energy - New Perspective and Higher Consciousness Attaintment
    - Entrepreneurial Development - from Confidence to Capital
    - Coach/New Coach Mentoring and Practice Building
    - Whole Life Fulfillment and Satisfaction
    - Leadership Support and Development
    - Vision - Mission -­ Purpose Design and Development
    - Lifestyle and Career and Quality of Life Design
    - Spiritual Exploration and Development
    - Strategic Life, Career, Prosperity, Dream Creation/Attainment Planning
    - Unsticking when Stuck/Held Back
    - Relationship Development/Building/Streghtening/Deepening - personal and professional
    - Empowered and Effective/Productive Communication
    - Healing/Returning to Wholeness
    - Energy Release and Integration
    - Intuitive Guidance - Training in Connection back to your Heart and own inner Wisdom and Knowing
    - Assistance and Support in Navigating the Energetic Shift/Ascension and truly Thriving in Challenging Times
  • Mission
  • My Mission is to touch, heal and transform lives by reconnecting each person with their passion. To assist others in unleashing their power to believe in themselves, believe beyond their limits and believe in their divine right to be prosperous.

    To assist those who courageously and authentically desire to awaken, be conscious and aware, live within and from heart­-centered energy (guided by the "heart's eye" and their own higher wisdom) and follow the unique calling of their soul purpose as their most valued expression in the world.

    Through Coaching, Speaking, Teaching, Writing and Guiding individuals, I offer new perspectives and reaffirm old knowings that remove the struggle from living, create deep healing, release the anchors of the past, open the heart and heart energy and allow people to transform their relationship to and experience with themselves, others, the world around them and life itself so that they can feel more at peace with themselves, more at ease in the world and so they can finally achieve their full potential, receive the abundance that is their birthright and step fully into their Soul's Purpose and reason for being.
  • Fees & Format

  • Fee Range
  • $525 - $850
  • Methods of Coaching
  • Telephone, Internet (i.e. Skype or Email)
  • Languages
  • English


I am a Prosperity and Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Strategist, Speaker, Teacher, New Reality Architect, Ascension Guide and Radio Host. I am also Founder of SOUL PURPOSE, the practice which allows me the privilege of assisting you in finding and following your passions, expanding and transforming your life. 

My commitment is to coaching you to powerful, prosperous and passionate living...effortlessly! My intention is for you to achieve your dreams while producing extraordinary results along the way. I expect a great deal, yet I am easy to talk to and will always bring lightness and humor to this significance we call Life. 

I have been on this wonderful journey working with clients for almost two decades now. My background includes: technology sales and marketing, market research, computer graphic design, customer support, executive search consulting, leadership training and development and the Arts. I also have training in the areas of energy healing, Reiki, intuitive guidance and empowered communication. 

I am highly intuitive and skilled in strategic thinking and action, get to the core of the issue or matter very quickly and I know how to produce extraordinary results. 

As I continue to evolve and expand, my own desires are: to continue to uncover, re-member and embrace who I am as a human being and unleash the Light of my Soul being; to be true to my authentic self, align my heart with my mind, actions and way of being and to not only listen to but always honor and follow my inner truth/Heartspeak; to find joy, peace and satisfaction with what already is in my life, yet be a gracious, open receiver of what gifts come my way.

My Vision is a World where… each and every one of us is pursuing our deepest passions, expressing our authentic selves, living the life we have dreamed about while being in Flow and attracting prosperity and abundance with effortless ease! 

A World where all people wake up each day curious and excited with anticipation for what blessings and gifts are to come.

A World where we all come to know and remember the truth of Who we really are and that, in this remembering, we seek and touch our own extraordinary and unique internal light, letting it pour forth with courage, strength, love and power. 

A World where we are awakened in consciousness to and come to recognize our Divine 'I AM’ nature, opening our hearts to each other and coming together in Unity as we build a new future from an awakened and empowered perspective of Humanity and all of Life.

My Purpose is to be a sacred carrier of the great message; I am an illuminator of integrity, purpose you and and authenticity; I am the spark that ignites the passions of others; I am a conduit for GOLD.

I am a Truth-­teller with boldness and Divine Love, a facilitator in the spiritual development and healing of others, a model for trusting in the void and never giving in or giving up. I am a guide, healer and gardener – planting seeds in others that will one day take root and blossom into the flowers known as dreams and successes. I am a force to be reckoned with!

I am that grain of sand in your oyster, irritating you beyond your comfort zone to help you cultivate your pearl. I am a visionary and forward thinker who pushes the boundaries, always seeing what is possible and believing in the impossible! I am the voice of the New Vibration!

My highest purpose and greatest privilege at this most unprecedented time in our evolution is to serve as the manifestation of the voice of your deepest wisdom and purest heart's Knowing; to mirror back the highest part of you, reflecting the essence of your God­-Self, reminding you of the true Source of All That Is; guiding you to your authentic truth, passion, heart's desire, New World calling and Soul Purpose expression.

In fulfilling my purpose and delivering my messages to you, your journey of healing, expansion and ascension into higher consciousness and into the new dimension will be activated and accelerated.SPECIAL NOTE: I work with clients worldwide - so do not hesitant to connect no matter what part of the globe you may be from.  If it is a fit and feels right to you, we will make it work!

How I coach

Consistently working to deepen my own intuitive gifts and expand and evolve in consciousness, I utilize my capabilities to enhance decision making at a soul level. This provides my clients with a platform for designing creative “Soul”utions to their issues - " 'Soul'utions for Success" - as well as giving them powerful tools to release the beliefs and fears that stop them from having what they need and want.

I am extremely intuitive and get to the heart of my client's issues quickly. I am compassionately firm and expect a great deal. I am your unconditionally supportive and authentically honest partner. I listen to you as your soul being ­- who you really are -­ and I listen deeply and without judgment, hearing underneath it all to bring forth your truth. I believe in you and your extraordinary self and capabilities … even when you don’t or feel you can’t!

What you will gain from our work together is the freedom and courage to follow your Heart and listen to your Knowing, attain and attract what you most desire and dream of and live life fully, passionately, authentically and prosperously, with effortless ease!

I offer my Coaching and Guiding services to Individuals -vby Telephone or Skype; to Groups - in person, by Telephone and Skype.  I also offer Tele-courses, Keynotes, Live Presentations, Onsite Workshops, Seminars/Trainings/Facilitations and PodCasts.

I enjoy working with

As a catalyst inspiring others toward their dreams, I strive to create a dynamic partnership with my clients to support them in attaining and exceeding their dreams and goals while producing extraordinary results along the way.

I partner with individuals, on both personal and professional levels, to discover their Soul Purpose, pursue their true passion and integrate and eliminate the blocks that stand in the way of achieving and maintaining real abundance, prosperity, fulfillment and success.

I partner with businesses to create and powerfully operate from an inspired vision such that each employee, and the company as a whole, functions with purpose, effectiveness, and powerful intentionality.

Attracting people from all over the world,I enjoy working with a variety of client types including entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs/executives, leaders, managers, coaches, creative individuals and individuals in personal, spiritual and/or professional transition. My clients are open minded and hearted, courageous and curious and deeply passionate about evolving consciousness and deepening spiritually. They are people who dare to dream bigger, desire to pursue their passion and choose outrageous “positivity” not only as a way of being, but as a necessary means to achieving their goals and manifesting their dreams and desires effortlessly!

I empower all of my clients to expand their vision of what is possible and challenge them to accomplish their greatest desires while remaining grounded in what they value most. What my clients get is the opportunity to define their own path, create and embody peace and balance at home and in their career (Soul Expression), and live their most fulfilling life. The added benefit – they get what they really want and they do it their way… effortlessly!

    For over 18 years my business and my practice have continued to grow and thrive. I have continued to develop my skills and talents, focusing on healing people at deep levels around the issues of beliefs, abundance, attraction, and the power of our energetic selves. My intention is to support you in creating profound, positive and permanent shifts that will alter your life for the better – forever! This is a process. If you are looking for a quick “fix” or a band-aid approach, you won’t find it here. That doesn’t mean you won’t receive immediate results. The level of your readiness and openness to shift determines our pace and your progress.Each day I am uncovering more secrets of how to have an awakened and conscious life while creating a fulfilling and thriving business with an extraordinary level of prosperity and success in these new times and new energies - without the struggle, with effortless ease. Yes, it IS possible and I want to share this with you!

Personal Message to You

Connect with your SOUL PURPOSE! My intention is to create a dynamic partnership between us to support and empower you to design the life you dream of ­ a life of balance, prosperity, abundance, love, spiritual awakening and effortless ease. Expand your vision of what is possible, accomplish your greatest desires, stay grounded in what you value most. As you stretch, you may feel uncomfortable. Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional, and Fun … is a requirement! Let me be your Guide and Truth­-teller. Let me hold your Vision while together we find “Soul"utions for your Success and Fulfillment!

If you are REALLY ready to accept this “invitation” – the invitation to not only learn to think, feel, and believe outside the box, but live there too - meaning truly embody and experience what it takes to receive it - then you are in the right place! I welcome you. I invite you to have a look around. You are now on the path toward your dream, toward greater prosperity, toward a deeper understanding of Who you are and how to best express that in the world. You are on your way to having what you desire, your way… effortlessly! Whether or not you and I are a good fit to be partners in your attaining your desires, just know that there are no accidents and that your being here now indicates your journey has begun.

If you are interested in taking the next step to determine if I would be a good fit and the right partner for you on your journey, I would be delighted to offer you a 30-­minute complimentary session. Go on, you deserve it! Simply e­-mail me at and request an initial introductory conversation. This will give us both an opportunity to get to know one another and to begin to create our partnership. There is no obligation and nothing to lose ­ other than time not pursuing what you absolutely adore or expanding into the glorious spark of Divinity whom you truly are and were born to Be!


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