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Name 3 C's Consulting and Coaching
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Position Owner
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Phone Number 303-594-1594
Denver, CO

Coach Details

  • Leadership, Team Building, Executive, Manager, Conflict Resolution
  • Year Established
  • 2011
  • Coach U Status
  • Corporate Coach Program Graduate (CCP)
  • ICF Certification
  • ACC
  • Fees & Format

  • Fee Range
  • $120-500
  • Methods of Coaching
  • Telephone
  • Accepted Forms of Payments
  • PayPal, check

More About 3 C's Consulting and Coaching

Working with clients who are transitioning in their career, struggling to connect with their team and/or want to grow their leadership skill set.

Are you a leader of people?Do you feel like you are not getting the communication you need from your team?Do you have goals or vision for what you want to accomplish?Are you stressed and not sleeping at night?Are you struggling to balance work and life?Are people that work for you quitting their jobs or do you want to quit?Are you not motivated to go to work?Did you jump into a new team and start making changes and now they are disengaged?

I want to support you:To be more relaxed at work and a better leaderHelp you reduce your stress by utilizing your team to help do the workConnect with them so they want to move mountains to make your job easierMake you look great in front of supervisors and senior leaders

With over 25 years of leading teams and helping others lead and connect with their team has led me to become a Leadership/Career Coach. I graduated from Kansas State University with a B.S.; Advance Corporate Coach(CUG) with Coach U. Certified Birkman Consultant and Certified Personal Communication Style Inventory (PSCI) Consultant. Additionally, certified by the ICF with Associate Coaching Credentials (ACC).

How I coach

My systems will help you develop your leadership style or change your job:Create goals for yourself and teamUtilize 360 feedback and other leadership development toolsCreate strategies around building team connectivityCreate entrance strategies when taking on a new teamCreate strategies to change your job

My clients say that with my coaching and systems they enjoy work and can eliminate unnecessary work or stress. Their team is more engaged and excited about helping get to the end goal. In return, they can focus on themselves outside of work. Through our sessions, they have a better understanding of themselves and can grow.

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