is a robust, searchable system that offers coaches a reliable means to establishing a stronger web presence and clients the ability to find a coach that meets their coaching needs in a fast and effective way.

For Coaches:

  • Coaches can create web pages in less than 30 minutes to promote their coaching practice using our easy to use templates. This is effective for coaches who are wishing to create a website without the design, development, and maintanence costs.
  • Full listed members receive their own personally branded URL to place on their business cards and promotional materials. This feature is a plus for coaches who already have an existing website, as crossing linking between sites helps to increase search engine placement.
  • offers a Request for Coach Proposal (RFP) system to all full listed members making it easier for coaches to connect with potential clients based on a coach's speciality area, niches, and strengths
  • The easy to use content management system enables full listed members to change and update their content on the fly.
  • The directory can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world allowing clients to locate you and acquire your services while you get back to coaching instead of selling.
For Visitors and Potential Coaching Clients:

  • Visitors can utilize the comprehensive search tool to search for coaches by coaching category, personal/business goal, country, fee range, or a personalized keyword search.
  • A Request for Coach Proposal (RFP) system is available that allows visitors to contact multiple coaches at one time based on coaching topics and fees. Coaches that match a visitor's coaching requirements will receive an e-mail notification and be able to contact the visitor directly. In addition, the "Contact this Coach" feature makes it easy to be in direct contact with any coach at any time; 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The Problem Solver, this provides visitors with a pre-determined list of potential issues in the "How Can We Help You Today?" section and asks them to select what they need help with. The search engine then does the rest of the work for them returning a list of coaches that can provide assistance.
  • The assurance that all coaches listed in the system are highly trained and have coaching experience. is dedicated to connecting the right coaches with the right clients. Our helpful staff is always available to answer questions and render support in order to ensure the highest quality of service to both the coach and potential client.