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Whether boxed-in by limiting assumptions, needing clarity and direction, or passionate about a clear goal and looking for a strategy, support, and accountability, I welcome clients who are ready to get real about their current life, their dreams, and take action. I also offer my clients the Option Process Dialogue. This is a non-directive technique of questions asked with an accepting attitude to assist the client in exploring and discarding unwanted and self-defeating beliefs.

Mission Statement

To free individuals from the measuring stick of "not enough" and stand in behalf of the unique expression of each person's strengths, desire, and will.


Highly Sensitive Person, Personal Foundation, Mentor Coaching, Eliminating Limiting Beliefs, Time Management and Organization, Getting Unstuck, Spirituality Value-based Goals and Strategizing Action Integrity and Character Building

  • Personal
    • Challenges in the Work Place
      • Job Satisfaction
        • Management
          • Personal Productivity
        • Employee
        • Self-Employed
          • Stress / Time Management
          • Personal Productivity
    • Personal / Quality of Life
      • Health and Wellness
        • Emotional
          • Stress Reduction
            • Personal Foundation
            • Tolerations
          • Integrity
          • Motivation
            • Encouragement
            • Vision
            • Clarity
          • Depression
            • Self-Care
            • Self-confidence
            • Support
          • Feeling Stuck
            • Overcoming Obstacles
            • Setting Goals
            • Lifestyle Design
        • Spiritual
          • Religion
          • Intuition
      • Finances
        • Financial Planning
          • Saving
          • Budget
        • Financial Challenges
      • Relationships
        • Conflicts
          • Communication
          • Boundaries
          • Conflict Resolution
        • Transitions
          • Life Stages
        • Family Coaching
          • Family Conflicts
          • Parenting
          • Children
    • Coaching for Coaches
      • Mentor Coaching
  • Business
    • Manager
      • Self
        • Communication
        • Self-Care
    • Career Transition
      • Life Balance
      • Stress
      • Simplifying
    • Project Mgmt
      • Teams
        • Develop teams
          • Resolve conflict
    • Client Service
      • Satisfaction
        • Value added
    Self Description

    I graduated from Coach U and have certification through the ICF as a Professional Certified Coach. I have completed other professional training including Personal Evolution, the Attraction Program, Certified Strategist, and Certified Toleration Free Specialist. I am a TeleClass leader with Coach U. I also have BS, M.Ed. and Specialist degrees in Education as well as graduate work in psychology and private training in spirituality. As a Certified Option Process Mentor, I have also taught personal growth workshops and worked with individuals, couples and families at the Option Institute in Massachusetts.


    To live in integrity. To develop spiritually. To fulfill my uniqeness. To inspire and assist others in living life fully expressed, with satisfaction and joy


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    Qualities & Strengths

    Skilled Listener; Artful Questioner; Intuitive; Creative thinker; Sense of humor; Multidiminsional perspectives; Attitude of Unconditional Positive Regard; Enthusiastic Curiosity; HSP


    11 years as an educator in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; 11 years on staff at The Option Institute Learning and Training Center (Including working with children and adults with autism and other special needs; Option Process® Dialogue sessions with individuals and couples; workshop leader, and staff trainer)// 6 years in private practice as a coach


    Professional Coach, Workshop leader, Option Process Mentor, Coach U teleclass leader


    In addition to college degrees listed below: Graduate work in psychology; Private studies in religion and spirituality; Certification in the Option Process® Dialogue; Son Rise® Training - 1 1/2 yrs (approach to working with autism/special needs); Graduate Coach U; Professional Certified Coach (ICF); Coachville-Graduate School of Coaching; Certified Strategist Certified Toleration Specialist Attraction Program Personal Evolution


    BS, MEd, Specialist


    Louisiana State University


    Telephone - individual, groups, classes


    International client base




    $150 - $400


    I provide one free interview session.


    "Susan, you are fun, witty, and have incredible clarity in seeing exactly what is going on. You are really direct in a helpful way." "I can't believe how much my life has improved in just one month!" Susan, your energy, passion, and caring are infectious. With you, I can't help but believe in myself."

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    Sheffield, Massachusetts
    United States

    Office Phone: (413) 229-3644
    Life is a wondrous gift. I support clients in living life full measure and with satisfaction. I care about who you have been, who you are, and who you are becoming.